haled Ahmed: The Lion of Journalism

Khaled Ahmed is not just a name in Pakistan’s journalism circles; he is a beacon of fearless journalism, a voice that echoes against injustice, and a champion of democracy and human rights. Born in 1948 in Jalandhar, India, his journey from a young student to a prominent journalist has been marked by courage, commitment, and an unwavering dedication to his principles.

Early Life and Education

Khaled Ahmed’s academic journey laid the foundation for his future as a journalist. He pursued his studies at Government College Lahore and Punjab University, where he earned a master’s degree in history. His academic prowess was further honed when he received a diploma in Russian interpretation from Moscow State University in 1970. Little did he know that these diverse educational experiences would one day equip him with the tools to navigate the complex world of Pakistani politics and journalism.

Journalistic Career

Ahmed embarked on his journalistic career in the early 1970s. He chose to wield the pen as a weapon to address the issues close to his heart. Over the years, he contributed to various Pakistani newspapers, leaving an indelible mark on each. His writings graced the pages of publications like The Pakistan Times, The Nation, The Frontier Post, The Friday Times, and The Daily Times. Currently, he holds the position of consulting editor at Newsweek Pakistan, where his insights continue to shape public discourse.

Courageous Critique

Throughout his career, Khaled Ahmed has earned a reputation for his fearless critique of Pakistan’s military involvement in politics and its human rights record. His articles have been a mirror reflecting the challenges that Pakistan faces concerning democracy and human rights. While some may have found his outspoken stance controversial, many recognize it as a courageous attempt to bring about change and accountability.

Challenges Faced

Khaled Ahmed’s path has not been without obstacles. His unwavering commitment to truth and justice has made him a target for threats and harassment from the Pakistani military and religious extremists. Even within the media fraternity, some colleagues have criticized him for his unflinching criticism of the government and the military.

Despite these challenges, Ahmed remains steadfast. His belief in the transformative power of journalism and the press’s role in holding the powerful accountable has never wavered. For him, journalism is not just a profession; it’s a moral duty.

Impact on Pakistani Society

Khaled Ahmed’s impact on Pakistani society is immeasurable. His fearless reporting and critical analysis have shed light on the country’s political and social problems. His work has been instrumental in encouraging countless Pakistanis to raise their voices in support of democracy and human rights.

Moreover, Ahmed’s contributions have influenced the national conversation about Pakistan’s future. He has consistently argued that true democracy and prosperity can only be achieved by reforming the military’s role and countering religious extremism. His views have contributed to shaping the discourse on these critical issues.


Khaled Ahmed is more than just a journalist; he is a symbol of courage, integrity, and unwavering commitment to democratic values and human rights. His journey from a student of history to a fearless critic of power exemplifies the transformative potential of journalism. In a world where truth can sometimes be elusive, Khaled Ahmed stands as a beacon of hope and a reminder that the press has the power to create a better, more just society. His work is an inspiration not only to journalists but to all who believe in the essential role of the press in holding those in power accountable and in making the world a better place.

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