– Khaled Ahmed: The Lion of Journalism

Khaled Ahmed, Pakistani journalist and columnist, born in 1948

Ahmed is a regular contributor to The Daily Jang, Pakistan’s largest Urdu daily newspaper.

He is also a columnist for Dawn, Pakistan’s oldest English-language newspaper.

Ahmed is a vocal critic of the Pakistani military and its role in politics.

He is also a critic of religious extremism and intolerance in Pakistan.

Ahmed is a strong advocate for democracy and human rights in Pakistan.

He has written extensively on the history of Pakistan, the Pakistani military, and the country’s political and social problems

Ahmed’s work has been praised by many for its honesty, its courage, and its insights into Pakistani society.

He has also been criticized by some for being too critical of the Pakistani military and for being too sympathetic to the Taliban.

Ahmed is a complex and controversial figure, but there is no doubt that he is one of the most important Pakistani journalists of his generation.